The Outcomes Initiative

Software alone doesn't provide the grantmaker with greater insight on the impact they're having. One needs a thoughtful and methodical approach to determine the truly relevant outcomes. It is not easy. Grantmakers across all strategic giving areas seem to be struggling to determine what outcomes best fit their programs.

The Outcomes Initiative formed to bring this discussion into the spotlight for the grantmaking community. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to outcomes, but collaboratively grantmakers can learn a tremendous amount from each other's programs. We hope by fostering the discussion those learnings can be openly showcased, discussed, incorporated into other programs, and ultimately improve outcomes for everyone.

We need your help. As a first step, we've put together a fictional grantmaker, The Acme Foundation, that's looking to provide programmatic support for the strategic giving area of Workforce Development. We showcase the grantee experience- from application/eligibility review, through online submission and on to progress and final reporting- and invite all grantmakers to check it out, give feedback, and help make it better.

Grantee Home Page

As a fictional grantee, you'll be able to:

Grantmaker Reporting

All grantmakers are invited to check it out- we hope you'll be able to learn something which can be incorporated into your own programs! And we certainly hope you will engage with us to contribute and collaborate on this effort, including:

It is our hope that with your collaboration on this initiative, we'll be able to break down some walls to help those struggling with outcomes and ultimately increase the impact capable by both grantees and grantmakers. To join the initiative, put on your grantee hat and dive into the application process:

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The Outcomes Initiative is a project by The Rennslaerville Institute and Versaic. The sample grant applications provided here are for informational purposes only.